Police search for man in series of Walmart thefts

A serial robber strikes again and police said he has hit Walmarts in Woodstock, Griffin, and now Villa Rica. Investigators believe he isn’t going to stop until he is caught.

Surveillance cameras capture just how fast the thief strikes. He’s behind the counter and off with the register drawer before anyone can stop him.

“Employees saw him when he did it, but unable to stop him,” said Villa Rica Police Captain Keith Shaddix.

The captain said they have linked the man to three robberies, but there may be more

“We’re working with other jurisdictions to identify him,” said Capt. Shaddix.

Capt. Shaddix said the man is in his early 20’s with a slim build. He was seen leaving the Villa Rica Walmart in a dark colored Chrysler 200.

Shaddix said the man comes in the store, walks around, and just waits for the perfect opportunity.

“When the clerk, cashier had moved away from register in garden center and over dealing with another part of the department, he runs in,” said Shaddix. “Does seem to be moving around metro Atlanta area so we’re not sure where he’s from, but we don’t expect he’s going to stop until he’s caught.”

Police hope someone will be able to tell them who this man is.

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