Police say thief steals woman's wallet, shows up at her home the next night

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Police say he stole her wallet, and now had possession of her name and address.  The next night police say he showed up at her house. 

It was a busy day of back to school shopping for Mariam Zepeda and her children.  August 10 they were at the Burlington Coat Factory at Sugarloaf Mills in Gwinnett County. 
Zepeda says she hung her purse on a rack for just a moment, but police say that was enough time for a thief to swipe her wallet.  Police released surveillance video of the man they say took her wallet.  In the video, he is seen wearing a black t-shirt and hat making his way through the store. 

"Inside her wallet, just like most everybody, was her license, and she also happened to have a spare house key," said Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Wilbert Rundles. 

Now the thief knew Zepeda's name, where she lived, and had a key to her house. 

Zepeda says the very next night, she heard a strange noise in her garage and went to check it out. 

"I came to open the door to see what happened. "When I opened the door, someone hit me in the head," said Zepeda. 

Zepeda says she was knocked off balance and the intruder took off running.  Police believe the stranger is the same man who stole her wallet. 

"The suspect has taken this a step further and gone to their house to steal items or who knows what else," said Cpl. Rundles.

Zepeda says she has changed her locks, but she's still nervous. 

Police are hoping anyone who recognizes the man in the video will help them identify him.