Police say mom ran from police because she didn't want her car repossessed

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A woman led police on a chase through several streets in Newnan with three kids in the backseat. Authorities say it all started because she didn't want her car to get repossessed.

Chris Smith with Midnight Rider Recovery told FOX 5 News, he had just loaded a 2005 GMC Envoy onto a trailer when a woman came running out of an apartment and jumped in the vehicle. “She pulled the car forward and back on the trailer, finally breaking the chains, she backed away and took off,” said Smith.

Smith said the woman circled around and almost hit him. “She came within inches of me,” said Smith.

Police say the driver, Shatara Ashford, raced down several side streets blowing through stop signs. Amber Beasely says her car was almost hit. “She was going so fast, she came around the corner, she could have tore me up if I didn't swerve,” said Beasley.

When Newnan Police finally got her to stop, they realized there were three young kids in the back seat. Officers say at least two of them weren't wearing seatbelts.

Police body cam video shows officers asking her why she didn't stop, in the video Ashford answers “I did not know you were looking for me.”

The man repossessing the car said when the woman backed it off the trailer, there were no children inside. Chris Smith says she apparently picked the kids up at another apartment before taking off again.

Newnan Police say the children weren't hurt and are in the care of a family member. Ashford is in the Coweta County jail.