Police: Robbers fire at mother protecting infant

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A northwest Atlanta homeowner with a baby in her arms ducks away from gunfire as her home is being robbed.

The woman's mother, Jessica Huffman, recounts the terrifying minutes that followed a knock on the family's door. Two teens faked needing assistance with a disabled car. 

Officers told FOX 5 the men asked for a car jack, and then forced their way inside. Police said the robbers fired at the mother as she ran to her infant. Police said she grabbed her child and ran outside the home.

The wife and mother did not see the encounter, but heard the shots and knew her husband had been hit.

A few moments later, bullets began ricochet off the walls and mother with her baby ran away. But one of the teens caught up to her and points his weapon at her. The mother appealed, asking the gunman that their lives be spared. That teen decided not to shoot and asked for her cell phone instead.

Police got there within three minutes, according to the mother-in-law, because the wife had already called 911.

Atlanta Police released 911 calls of a terrifying ordeal Sunday at a family's home on Sumter Street. Officers said four robbers entered the home and fired shots at the family, including a mother who was trying to rescue her baby.

"We're being robbed at gunpoint," the mother tells the 911 operator in the recording FOX 5 obtained. "I ran outside with my baby. There's a black young man at the door. He pulled a gun on my husband."

The woman stopped speaking during the 911 call after screams can be heard. Police said the father was shot in both legs, as four teenage robbers entered the home.

The husband who was shot in both legs is being treated by doctors.

Investigators said a cell phone was the only item stolen from the home. Monday, police said no suspects had been identified.

If you would like to help the family you can donate at gofundme.com/jh22z2c4.

Officer cool under pressure

Information released by Atlanta authorities point out how one officer took the right steps to make sure a gunshot victim had a chance to survive.

On the northwest side of the city, teens faked a request about a disabled vehicle when they knocked on the door to a home.

A young family lives there. When the husband answered the door, two of the teens pushed the man back. One began firing, striking the man in both legs. The wife ran and made a call to 911.

The robbers fled with two cell phones.

The first officer on the scene, T. Thomas, saw the gunshot victim bleeding heavily and feared he would go into shock. Officer Thomas instructed the wife to get his a stool so he could prop up both of the victim's legs to regulate blood flow. That action stabilized the victim until Grady Paramedics could arrive.