Police released surveillance video of gas station robbery

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DeKalb County auto theft detectives want to identify the slender man in a white tank top and blue jeans who walked out of the Texaco on North Decatur near Interstate 285, then pulled off in a senior citizen's Cadillac Escalade.

The SUV owner, a 76-year-old woman we're identifying as Miss Lou, did not want to show her face on TV. But she confirms she's the woman seen on security camera images sitting at a gaming machine inside the Texaco on June 17.

"I can tell you I locked my car, but I think I either dropped my keys on the floor, they fell out of my pocket or I left them near the machine where the man could easily grab them, " said the South DeKalb homeowner.

She told FOX 5's Portia Bruner she had no idea the man was lurking behind her around 5:30 p.m. before he was caught on camera casually taking off in her Cadillac.

DeKalb County police gave FOX 5 News surveillance video hoping to generate some leads. Miss Lou said the man stole much more than her only form of transportation.

"He's got my house keys, ID, checkbooks, my bills. I can't even sleep wondering if he's going to come to my house," said the victim.

But Ms. Lou said she's not going to let fear stop in her tracks. She's spent the last couple of weeks passing out flyers with an image of the suspected car thief hoping someone who recognizes him will tell DeKalb County police who he is.

"I just want my car back. I don't understand who could take a car that has a handicap sticker, an old flip phone inside and a bunch of reading glasses in it. How you do that for someone like me? I want to help police find the man who did this," said Miss Lou.