Police Release New Video of Murder Outside Atlanta Store

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Atlanta Police say man is suspect or witness


In 9 months, the brutal murder of a 22-year-old man outside a grocery store in southwest Atlanta went cold.

Thursday, Atlanta Police detectives tried to kick start the investigation.

They released new surveillance video from November of Demetrius Davis' death. Police said he was killed while walking to a grocery store on McDaniel Street. The video shows what appears to be a well-planned execution.

"We believe he was targeted," Lt. Charles Hampton, the APD Homicide Commander said.

Police said the video shows five cars pulling up to the store at the same time. They appear to block a side street off McDaniel, while one driver gets out of his car, goes to the trunk and pulls out an assault rifle.

Investigators said the gunman shot Davis dead right there on the street.

"Not really sure the reason or the motive yet, that's why we need people to come forward," Lt. Hampton said.

Atlanta Police urge anyone with information, to contact Crime Stoppers.