Police release mugshot of man accused of killing girlfriend's uncle

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Police have released the mugshot of the man accused of gunning down his girlfriend's uncle as he helped move her from their southwest Atlanta home. 

Authorities said Donald Woods turned himself into authorities late Thursday afternoon following the fatal shooting near the corner of Sells Avenue at Peeples Street. 

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“I just saw him point the gun and then heard the shots. That's when I kicked it in reverse. I was about 50 feet from it,” said witness Gia Banks.


The 911 call came in before 11 a.m. Thursday. Police said a domestic situation escalated into a deadly shooting. 

“She hopped in my car and we pulled around and I said, ‘Call 911.’ She called and she told them everything,” said Banks. “The guy had been abusing her. They had been together for five years. She was just sick of it and asked her uncles to come help her move her stuff.”

Otha and Edmund Orr were helping their niece move out of her boyfriend’s place when police said Woods confronted them at the door.

“I was the last one in the doorway. He came out and hit me in the head with a gun,” said Edmund Orr. “He was trying to shoot me. I was running around the car. After he starts to shoot me, he jumped on the hood of the car. That’s when I went over to the complex to other there.”


Police said Otha Orr was shot in the head and died at the scene. Woods then took off, but turned himself in after about 5 hours on the run.

Woods' charges were not immediately released by police.