Police Release 911 Call in Deadly Home Invasion

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Police are investigating a deadly home invasion early Monday morning that left two people dead. It happened shortly before 7:00 a.m. at the Sable Chase Apartments on Sable Chase Boulevard, officers told FOX 5.

On Tuesday, police released the 911 call. The male caller told the operator three men had just broken into his apartment located on the second story, by climbing up his balcony. He said he was watching the news when they entered pointing guns at him. He told 911 that his roommate responded by shooting at the home invaders.

"One of them got shot, but I don't know how many others got shot," the resident told the 911 operator. 

In the background of the call, his roommate said he pulled the trigger as the suspects ran out the door. On Monday, police confirmed at least one of the suspects was dead. He was shot and killed inside the apartment.

"We are speaking to the occupants, the homeowners and we're canvassing the neighborhood here to try to determine exactly what occurred," said Henry County Police Captain Joey Smith.

Some time later on Monday, police said they discovered a second person dead in a field behind the apartment complex where the home invasion happened. It was not immediately clear how the second person was connected to the home invasion.

The 911 caller told the operator they weren't sure, but said the other roommate possibly shot a second suspect. Investigators have not said if this was the person found dead outside the complex. 

"It's just too early to determine what might happen to the homeowner, but generally if they are within the law then they are okay" said Captain Smith.