Police: Plane crashes on Kennesaw State University campus

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Two men were recovering late Thursday night after their plane crashed onto the campus of Kennesaw State University.

It happened in the area of Frey Lake Road at Campus Loop Road. The FAA said a Cirrus SR22 aircraft was involved in the crash around 6:50 p.m.

Cobb County Police said the two men were transported to an area hospital for treatment but were talking with emergency workers when they were pulled from the wreckage.

Authorities said the plane was headed to Fulton County Airport-Brown Field from Omaha, Nebraska. Initial indications point to engine failure as the cause.

"We were actually just getting out of my car and heard a loud noise and we turned around, saw a little flash of light, so we were really confused," Kelly Kozusko told FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell. "I thought it was a bottle rocket or something like we didn't think anything major of it just, it scared us so but we didn't think it was anything this crazy."

"What I heard was a loud crash, you know, I thought it was a gunshot, so I locked all the doors and then I started to hear sirens which got me really worried,"  another witness who lives nearby said. "It was close to my house and it could have crashed on my house with me inside."

"My first thought was like a gunshot kind of sound like a giant explosion kind of sound like I don't know, it just sounded very loud and explosive. and we turned around and we saw like an arch and a light," said KSU student Imani Francis.


Campus officials said no one on campus was hurt and the crash will not interfere with school operations Friday.

The campus is located about two miles northeast of the Cobb County International Airport and 18 miles north-northwest of Fulton County Airport-Brown Field.

Michael Phillips, who owns his own photography business, arrived at the scene shortly after the crash and started to take pictures. He shared those with FOX 5 News.