Police officer, coach save teen who collapsed playing basketball

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A basketball coach and a Concord police officer teamed up together to save the life of a 16-year-old boy while playing basketball Saturday afternoon.

An average day playing basketball suddenly turned into a life-threatening emergency for 16-year-old, Tyler Brock.

Tyler was playing in a recreational league basketball game when he suddenly collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Tyler's coach, a Concord Parks and Rec employee, Rodney Smith, and a Concord police officer, Corey Hynson, immediately rushed to his side and began CPR.

In addition to CPR, a defibrillator, which delivers a dose of electric current to the heart, aided the heroes in regaining Tyler's pulse and his breathing.

Tyler was taken to the hospital, where he will remain until next Saturday. Medical professionals tell FOX 46 Charlotte that the boy has an enlarged heart and will most likely need a pacemaker, but is expected to be okay.

Thanks to the quick actions of the officer and coach, the teen is alive today.