Police offer reward in damaged squad car case

It is video of men damaging the hood and windshield of an Atlanta Police squad car on Marietta at Northside last Sunday night. The vehicle is now of out of service at the city's fleet maintenance yard.

"We are looking for three individuals. There's certainly individuals that were riding inside of this pack of approximately 100 bikers that could potentially help us identify these individuals," said Officer Ralph Woolfolk with the Atlanta Police Department.

It was a pack of rogue riders on off road ATV's and motorcycles monopolizing city streets Sunday. They scared Martha Ochoa and her daughter Paloma who spotted them near where the squad car was damaged.

"They were just riding like vigilantes, terrorizing the street and everybody on it," said Ochoa.

Ochoa said they saw multiple riders on sidewalks, running red lights, pulling wheelies.

Police are hoping a $2,000 Crime Stoppers reward will spur tips leading to the conviction of the men responsible for damaging the squad car.

The hood and windshield need replacement at tax payers’ expense.

"This is taxpayer money and the patrol car is damaged and there is extensive damage to the vehicle," said Officer Woolfolk.

Police said they've spoken to riders they identified including individuals cited or arrested for misdemeanor traffic violations.

The men who stomped on the patrol car face felony charges. Police said it was vacant because the officer driving it was injured in a foot chase with one of the riders who came back to damage the car.

"They just had no respect and they just were very careless and they didn't care at all about anyone's safety or anybody in general," said Paloma Sinclair.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS.

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