Police: Mother murdered, crime scene discovered by children

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Police have arrested a woman's boyfriend for a crime neighbors describe as horrifying and heartbreaking: a mother was murdered in her own home, and her children made the terrible discovery. 

Woodstock Police arrested Michael Russell, 41, of Ringgold. They identified the victim as Christy Waller, 32, with two children. 

Family friends tell FOX 5, the woman's teenager made the discovery Friday at her home at the Alta Ridgewalk Apartments. Police said they were notified Friday afternoon, and by Friday evening, arrested Russell on charges of Malice Murder, Felony Murder, two counts of Aggravated Assault, and False Imprisonment.

Neighbors said officers and GBI investigators surrounded the building where Ms. Waller was murdered, and asked neighbors if they heard or saw anything.  

Police did not reveal more information about the charges, or how they believe Ms. Waller was killed. They said they believe the ordeal is due to domestic violence. 

"It's devastating. I've gone through domestic violence myself. It's really tragic," said one neighbor, who is also a mother; she and other neighbors tell FOX 5, they sympathize for the children in this ordeal. 

Russell is currently being held at the Cherokee County Jail.