Police: Mother found after abandoning toddler in Atlanta

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The child was reportedly found in the Bank of America parking lot near Lee Street and Oglethorpe Road.

Police said the child could have been left of hours inside a silver Chrysler Pacifica with a Michigan tag. That’s what investigators said a 911 call police received initially stated. But some witnesses said they spotted the toddler walking around outside the car at one point.

Shaequita Grier told FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell that she and a friend spotted the child and called police. She said the girl had crawled into the driver's seat and was playing with the steering wheel.

"When I looked at her my heart really went out to that baby..." Grier said. "I really was that baby's guardian angel."

Grier added that the car windows were down and the car was unlocked. She said another friend took the baby inside the bank until officers arrived.

Police said the toddler was taken Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding to be checked out. Officials believe she will be okay. They said Hitts has been questioned about the incident but detectives had trouble understanding her story because she was disoriented.

Anyone with information should call the Atlanta Police Department at 404.546.4260.

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