Police: McNair High School Teens Caught on Camera Breaking into Home

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In what can only be described as a tirade of expletives, threats and chaos, six McNair High School teens were arrested Friday and charged with multiple counts of burglary, obstruction, hindering an investigation, and terroristic threats.

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Investigators with the DeKalb Police Department said the teens are connected with at least two East Atlanta area burglaries, but could be connected with more as the investigation progresses.

This all started mid-morning Thursday when a group of five teens broke into, ransacked and cleaned out a home on Boulder Walk.

“We’ve been told the likelihood of finding and getting our stuff back again is slim," said homeowner Jeremy Arey. “All the drawers were pulled out. Our mattresses were tipped over as if they were looking for money. All our personal things had been gone through.”

The entire event, from casing the home to break in to theft of valuables was caught on surveillance cameras that Jeremy installed himself a few months ago after an attempted break-in while his girlfriend, Kayla Koch, was home.

“Kayla works overnights and earlier this year she was sleeping after a night shift. She heard the doorbell ring and went to check it," said Arey. "When she looked, no one was there. When she walked back through the house there were four men at the back door trying to break in. It really shook her up.”

Koch was also shook up this time as the teens made off with electronics, a laptop, her kindle, an iPod, a gaming console, an expensive camera, and two, possibly three firearms. And that's on top of several jewelry pieces, cash and other odds and ends.

“The stuff is just stuff," said Arey. "But just the ongoing threat, that you have to think about it all, is just sad. Often times these kids just get a slap on the wrist and they are back out on the street doing this again. They don’t get any real repercussions.”

And true enough the same teens were back at it again Friday morning on the same street; only this time they were not only caught on camera, again, they were also followed by the homeowner as they ran back to McNair high school.

The homeowner told investigators that while she was on the phone with police, the group noticed they were being followed and ran onto school grounds. But she went directly into the office and waited for police to arrive. When they did, DeKalb County Police along with school staff and the resource officer on campus were able to track the teens down on the schools surveillance cameras.

Investigators said the boys were spotted changing their clothes and shoes and then going to class. As officers started pulling the boys from class, talking to them and preparing to arrest them, things took a violent turn.

Officers said one boy tried to talk with a suspect and when asked to step back he then threatened a detective stating he was going to "F--- me up." and "What the F--- I was looking at." At that point the teen was arrested and charged with terroristic threats, felony obstruction, and hindering an investigation.

Detectives also had trouble getting another teen to leave his classroom who choose instead to tell officers "you come get me you p---- a--- n-----." When the teen was put in handcuffs and while being escorted to a police car he told officers he was going to spit in their faces. Stated that all the members of the school administration were "B------ and H----" and that he "don't give a f---. I'll be out in a couple days and I'm going to f--- y'all up."

Another teen was even more irate and combative while being walked out of the school screaming "F--- all y'all p---- a—n-----, imma f--- y'all up. All y'all some h--- (referring to the female teachers and the assistant principal) y'all ain’t got nothing else to do."

He also had some choice words for both sets of burglary victims who had showed up at the school, "F--- y'all crackers, y'all gonna get it too!"

A total of six teens were arrested, including four 15-year-olds, a 16-year-old, and 18-year-old Antonious Bailey. Detectives said all are facing multiple charges for the burglaries and outbursts.

Despite the arrests, Jeremy and Kayla say they know the likelihood of getting their stuff back is minimal. But they're going through the motions anyway, checking pawn shops, and pulling all the serial numbers and just trying to piece back together their life after being invaded. And even after everything, Jeremy said he and Kayla aren't giving up on their home sweet home just yet.

“We like our neighbors, we like our house, but we did have that conversation last night after the robbery. But we don’t think we’re ready to leave yet. You can’t just look for a quiet neighborhood and then become a shut in. There's going to be problems everywhere.”

*Note the video and faces have been blurred to protect the identity of minors