Police: Man's threats to teacher closes elementary school

Classes at a Newnan elementary school were canceled on Friday after authorities said a man threatened a teacher’s life. Police have arrested that man in Alabama.

School officials cancelled Friday classes at Newnan Crossing Elementary while police conducted a desperate search for Robert Joseph Antonello in Mobile, Alabama. Antonello is accused of sending threatening text messages to a teacher he had casually met several years ago. She would later seek police help when his unwanted texts turned violent.

The Coweta County Schools Superintendent said the decision was made late Thursday night forcing news of the school’s closure to go out over a robocall and social media.

Police said they tracked Antonello down at a VA homeless shelter in Mobile.

Investigators said the teacher came to them at the end of January and reported Antenllo’s disturbing text messages. But within days of her going to police they had gotten worse and one message referred directly to Newnan Crossing Elementary School.

Classes will resume at the school on Monday.