Police: Man Used Sledgehammer to Break into Gas Station

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Douglas County investigators are searching for a man who used a sledgehammer to try to break open an ATM to get the money out. The man was captured on surveillance video from the Shell gas station on Post Road.

The video shows a man getting out of a car just before 3 a.m. Monday morning. He walks up to the front door, takes one swing with the sledge hammer and the glass shatters. Once inside he heads to the ATM and starts banging on it with the hammer. The man eventually gives up without getting any money.

The video shows him getting into a Toyota Corolla and then the car drives off. There's no description of the driver and no tag on the car. Investigators point out that it's a dark colored car and had a yellow tow rope with a hook hanging out of the trunk.

Regular customers at the Shell station can't believe someone tried to open the ATM with a sledge hammer. “That's ridiculous. It's a sledge hammer, it's not going to just squirt money out everywhere,” said Chase Burton.

Jessie Lambie said he's not surprised the guy's plan didn't work. Lambie said he may have targeted this gas station because it's close to Highway 20.

“You can get to Alabama pretty quick from here. Depending on how fast you go you could be to the state line in 15 minutes, so it would be an easy getaway,” said Lambie.

As Kevin Anastasia was pumping gas, he talked about the recent break-in. “I have no idea what they were thinking, but hopefully justice will be served and they get caught,” said Anastasia.