Police: Man swallowed heroin in patrol car

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A man who had run out of gas found himself in hot water after he accepted a ride from a Georgia State Trooper.

According to the trooper's report, he was traveling east on Interstate 20 the morning of Sept. 12 when he found a vehicle parked in the emergency lane with nobody nearby. A short distance away, he found 33-year-old Brady Huff walking down the road with a plastic container.

The officer gave Huff a ride to the nearest gas station and back to his vehicle. It was then that he noticed two other people inside the car – 19-year-old Siara Morgan, who appeared "nervous and avoided eye contact," and 50-year-old Michael Daniel, who was "asleep or passed out" and unresponsive.

While Huff poured the gas, the officer said he noticed Huff "quickly opened his tailgate which obscured the vehicle’s registration."

Once Daniel was woken up, the officer noticed his eyes were bloodshot. When he ran Daniel's name through his system, he discovered he had a warrant for his arrest and discovered that the car had canceled and expired registration.

While questioning both Huff and Morgan, the officer said they gave him fake names. 

During this questioning, the officer said Mr. Huff "stated he was not feeling well and stated he had swallowed one gram of heroin earlier when I was giving him a ride."

Medics transported Huff to a hospital, where he was stabilized. 

All three suspects are now arrested and transported to jail. Huff has been charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer, giving a false name, and tampering with evidence. Morgan has also been charged with giving a false name to an officer.