Police: Man stole hundreds of pieces of mail from homes in several counties

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It's a case with hundreds of victims. Sandy Springs Police have been able to link them all to one man.

Video from a Ring doorbell captured a man snatching a small box off a porch. Sandy Springs Police said the same crook has swiped plenty of mail from homes in Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Cobb and Fulton Counties, and possibly other states.

"What we thought was a couple of thefts from a porch ended up blowing up into a large identity theft case," said Sandy Springs Police Sgt. Sam Worsham.

Investigators said thanks to video from a Ring doorbell and a neighborhood Flock Camera tag reader, they were able to track down and arrested 34-year-old Matthew Robert Brown.

A search of Brown's apartment turned up boxes of mail addressed to other people.

"Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of mail stolen with other people's names and identities," said Sgt. Worsham.

Police were also able to link Brown to the theft of a man's credit card in Michigan. Police said Brown used that man's American Express to buy cars and a pricey painting.

"A very expensive painting around $59,000 was purchased by the subject and shipped to a location here," said Sgt. Worsham.

Police said they don't know exactly how many victims are out there, and don't know how far their investigation will take them.

"This could be a federal case," said Sgt. Worsham.

Police said Brown also had warrants out for his arrest in Atlanta and Fulton County on charges of identity theft, fraud and burglary.