Police: Man shot twice during violent carjacking

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A man is recovering after armed thieves shot him twice and then stole his car early Thursday morning.

It started as a violent carjacking near Blair Villa Drive in southwest Atlanta as a man was trying to meet up with a woman for a date.

"He kept banging at the door and saying, 'Call 911! I'm bleeding! I'm bleeding," said the man who helped 26 year old Tony Keye.

The neighbor did not want to be identified, but said he allowed key to sit on the porch while police we're on their way.

"I heard him tell police that he was coming to meet a girlfriend or some girl," the neighbor.

According to Atlanta Police, the man was meeting up with a woman he had spoken to online. They agreed to meet at a house on Blair Villa Cir. SE. The man told police as he pulled up to the house, the woman was standing in the driveway.

Atlanta Police told FOX 5 the man was pulled from his car by three men who hit the man in his face with a gun and then took his wallet and phone.

Investigators said the men shot the victim in the abdomen and wrist, and then the four of them took off in the car.

Investigators said the thieves crashed the victim’s car into a light pole nearby. Detectives believe they ran away from the scene after crashing. 

One neighbor told FOX 5 her family members heard people talking after the crash, then heard them running. 

Police are actively searching for the people responsible for shooting the man and stealing his car. 

"I hope he and other young people learn a lesson from this about all this online dating. They should just stop it. Just stop it. Just find a nice young lady in church or something," the man told FOX 5's Portia Bruner.