Police: Man pulled over with 22-year expired license

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Police officers have arrested a man who they say was driving with a license that wasn't just a little bit expired. It had been expired for more than 20 years.

Early Tuesday morning, just after, police say an officer pulled over a car on Buford Highway for driving without its lights on.

When the officer checked the driver's license, they found that it had been expired for 22 years.

Not only that, but Duluth police say the driver also had methamphetamine, two open containers of alcohol, a tag that was allegedly from a different vehicle, and no insurance.

The man was charged with multiple counts including possession of methamphetamine, license plate concealing the ID of vehicle, driving without valid insurance, driving without a valid license, and more.

"Getting this driver off the road definitely made the motoring public safer in our community," police said.