Police: Man Carjacked, Kidnapped 3 People in DeKalb County

It was a terrifying ordeal for three friends in DeKalb County overnight.

DeKalb County Police have released the 911 recording made by a 23-year-old woman who was carjacked, then kidnapped in Decatur.

Police said she and another person were picking up a friend in Decatur, when 22-year-old Melvin Bynum carjacked all three.

According to the arrest report, Bynum pulled out a gun and threatened their lives and ordered the driver to take him to the nearest ATM.

Police said it was at that ATM where one of the male victims asked the gunman if he could use the restroom across the street at a Waffle House restaurant.

Investigators said Bynum agreed and escorted the two males to the restroom, leaving the female victim alone in her car with her cell phone. Within minutes, police showed up at that Waffle House and took Melvin Bynum in custody.

Police said they found the gun hidden under the seat of the car and the money from the ATM withdrawal in his sock.

Bynum is charged with kidnapping and armed robbery.

No one was injured during the incident.