Police: Man arrested for violent home invasion, sexual assault

A man who Clarkston Police say was responsible for a violent home invasion where he viciously beat and sexually assaulted two women was arrested Sunday morning.

Police say that 49-year-old Corey Griffin was found and arrested in Atlanta. He made his first appearance Monday morning.

In May, officers said Griffin offered to do yard work at a home on Market Street in Clarkston.

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After they declined, Griffin left, but later came back and broke into the home while the women were away, the Clarkston Police Department said.

When one of the women returned to the home, police say he used a blunt instrument to attack her and then sexually assaulted her.

"She was badly beaten and left with broken bones," Clarkston Police Sergeant Jason Elliot said. "Her roommate ended up coming back a few minutes later and Griffin attacked her as well."

Griffin will be transported to the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office. It is not yet known what charges he will face.

Police also believed that Griffin may be connected to several other violent crimes in the area.