Police: Man arrested for pulling out gun during road rage incident

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Police arrest a man after they said he pulled out a gun on a driver in a busy northeast Atlanta intersection. Officers said it happened in an act of road rage.

“It is certainly very shocking that something like that would happen in the middle of the day at such a major intersection,” said Officer James White.

A gun pulled during road rage. That's what Atlanta police said happened at the intersection of Cheshire Bridge Road and Lindbergh Drive in northeast Atlanta. Even more surprising, investigators said, it all went down Tuesday around 1 p.m. Police said they arrested Robert Duncan soon after a dispute he had with another driver at the light.

“Made some kind of verbal exchange and pointed a gun at him which caught the victim off guard,” said Officer White.

Officer White said the victim then followed Duncan to a nearby apartment complex and called the police.

“I would not necessarily say it’s the wisest action to follow the suspect,” said Officer White.

Police found Duncan and his car there. According to the incident report, Duncan admitted to showing his gun but denied pointing it at the other man.

Officers arrested Duncan on aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of felony charges. He was released from jail on bond.

White urges drivers to keep their cool and simply take down the vehicle and suspect descriptions in situations like this one.