Police make quick work on arrest for triple shooting

Atlanta Police said he’s a career criminal who should not have been on the streets. As a result of Kevin Freeman's early prison release, investigators believe three people were shot.

The three were shot Thursday night at Forsyth near Walton Streets Thursday night in downtown Atlanta. Police said they had made disparaging remarks about the shooters girlfriend.

“Three people were shot because they said something to his girlfriend that he didn't like," said Sgt. Warren Pickard with the Atlanta Police Department.

There is a bullet hole in a business window across the street from the crime scene which was in front of Bombay Cleaners.

Owner Sadeyesh Singh said it's fortunate two APD detectives who happened to be nearby responded, tracked down and arrested 32-year-old Kevin Freeman.

"This is a career criminal. Mr. Freeman should not be on the street," said Sgt. Pickard.

He said Freeman was released from prison four years into a 20-year sentence.

"He was sentenced and that was supposed to be carried out to 2028 where he previously shot someone so he shouldn't be in the street to shoot someone again," said Sgt. Pickard.

He said Freeman also has previous convictions for drug possession and Forgery.

Freeman faces aggravated assault and weapons charges for the shootings and charges elsewhere.

"He's at the Fulton County Jail awaiting extradition to DeKalb County because he also has two outstanding warrants from DeKalb County," said Sgt. Pickard.

"I think they need to be more strict about the criminals and try to give them more time instead of letting them go out early," said Mr. Singh.

APD told FOX 5 News two of the three men who were shot were treated and released from the hospital. As of late Friday night, the third man shot was still recovering at Grady Hospital.

Police said all three had non-life threatening injuries.