Police looking for person of interest in death investigation

Henry County police want to talk to a person of interest after someone murdered a husband, right in front of his wife.

Henry County police say the deadly shooting happened on Thorne Wood Lane. Neighbors tell FOX 5 they heard rapid gunfire about 2:30 Sunday Morning.

Homeowner Reginald Shelby ran to help and found 50-year old Darron Etheridge's lifeless body with his wife, Twila, in a panic.

"I saw the man laying in the middle of the street and his wife was hysterical crying over him. I did what I could," Shelby said.

Twila Etheridge told police she and her husband had been to a fight party Saturday night and got into an argument driving home.

Detectives say Mrs. Etheridge got out of the Ford Expedition and began walking on Jonesboro Road. That is when she says a stranger driving a black Mercedes SUV picked her up. She says her husband began following the SUV.

Then, Mrs. Etheridge says the driver pulled in a subdivision. The two men ended up in a confrontation and shots were fired.

Henry County police say they want to talk to the unidentified man to get his side of the story, so they can determine what really happened.

Mr. Etheridge was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.