Police: Kansas woman tries to take infant from family

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A Kansas woman tried to take a baby and also a little boy from a Lithia Springs couple in the middle of the atrium at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, police say.

It happened early Saturday. The mother says as she was pushing a stroller with her infant inside, the suspect came up from behind and began pushing as well.

The mother called the action strange initially, then told the woman -- identified as Esther Daniels -- that she did not need help and to let go.

The woman did not do that and the mom said she gave the instruction in a loud voice "because I wanted everyone else to take notice".

The mother wrestled the stroller away. Daniels then turned her attention to the couple's six-year-old boy.

The suspect grabbed the boy. His father saw this and grabbed hold of the boy as well.

The mother described her son as saying it felt like "a tug of war" as his dad and the alleged would-be abductor kept pulling at him.

An airport police officer had been called and was close by. He grabbed Daniels and eventually took her to the ground.

She was charged with kidnapping and obstruction and transported to the Clayton County Jail.

The mother said it's been hard for her son to forget the episode. And she cannot easily forget it either.

"It's like, is this really happening," she recalled.