Police investigate serial break-ins at Atlanta restaurant

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An Atlanta business owner is considering closing up shop after repeat burglaries at his restaurant.

Someone has broken into the Spice House on Cascade Road five times in less than three years, including twice within the last week, according to Atlanta Police incident reports obtained by FOX 5 News.

Lino Joseph, who owns the store, said he is tired of his Caribbean cuisine restaurant being a target.

"We are losing thousands, thousands of dollars. It's only so much you can take as a business owner," Joseph said. "It's crazy to me. It doesn't make any sense."

Joseph added surveillance cameras captured burglaries in the act. APD confirmed to FOX 5 News it is investigating a man seen in surveillance video during a burglary at the property on May 31. During that crime, Joseph said the thief made off with more than $9,000 worth of liquor and cash.

The business is approximately one mile from a police precinct, Joseph stressed.

Police released the following statement on the matter to FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell Friday:

"...We certainly understand the owner’s concerns and investigators are working hard to identify and apprehend the person or persons responsible for these incidents. We strive to provide the best service possible, whether the location is near one of our precincts or across the zone. We have increased patrols around this business and officers have been made aware of the issues and will remain on alert."

Still, Joseph insisted he may have to relocate to escape the slew of crimes.

"It is hard to survive as a small business owner as it is, and on top of that, to continuously get broken into. If something doesn't happen, there's no way we can continue," he insisted.

Officers said they are looking into whether the man seen on surveillance in the May crime is linked to others. Anyone with information is asked to call the police.