Police Investigate Murder-Suicide at Genesis Healthcare in Voorhees Township

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It was a shocking scene inside Genesis Healthcare’s Voorhees Assisted Living Center on Evesham Road, around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Police say a man shot and killed his mother before killing himself.

“An elderly son of an elderly resident here came in to visit approximately 4:30,” said Deputy Chief of Voorhees Township PD, Bill Donnelly. “He exited the building at 5:30, went out to his car, retrieved something, came back inside.”

Employees of the facility say they then heard one gunshot.

Post-mortem examinations were conducted Monday for George Buller III, 62, of Lumberton, and his 85-year-old mother, Andree Buller.  The medical examiner ruled the manner of George Buller's death to be suicide and the cause of death was determined to be from a gunshot wound.  Andree Buller's manner of death was ruled a homicide and the cause of death was determined to be from gunshot wounds, according to the medical examiner.

Police say Buller killed his mother inside her room. There was no indication of an argument. Upon hearing that gunshot, an employee came running.

“A nurse’s aide ran into the room,” said Deputy Chief Donnelly. “And observed the son commit suicide and shoot himself.”

Family members of others living at the facility arrived tonight, not knowing what was happening.

“I was scared, I didn’t know,” said Mike Vizoco, the son of another Genesis Resident. “Just scared, I didn’t know what happened to my dad. Calmed down a little bit. I feel bad for the folks involved, but I know they’re terrific employees.”

The shootings were isolated to one room, where the Andree Buller was the only resident.

Police say the employees sprang into action, clearing people from that wing of the center and calming the other residents, working well under pressure.