Police investigate Cobb County gas station crime spree

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Cobb County Police are investigating three early morning break-ins at gas stations along South Cobb Drive Tuesday.

In each burglary, crooks busted a glass door to gain entry, making off with cash, cigarettes, and other items.

"They came in took some stuff, I'm not sure what they took. I don't even know right now," store employee Mickey Patel told FOX 5 News.

With thieves preying on business owners and customers at gas stations across the metro area, many are left wondering what more can be done to increase security.

"Can't really do too much about it. I guess they could increase security, get better alarm systems get a guard dog. I don't know," customer Gary Bishop said.

FOX 5 News confirmed two other break-ins at gas stations on South Cobb Drive committed around the same time. All three businesses were closed when the burglars made their move.

By mid-morning, there was little evidence of the crime spree. Shattered doors were repaired, the stores cleaned up and businesses reopened.

Customers were stunned to learn what happened.

"It is crazy now. It's real crazy and they are back at work like nothing even happened," said Latoya Palmer.