Police: Fugitive leads troopers on wild chase on I-85

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A driver led Georgia deputies on a wild, high-speed chase down Interstate 85.

Deputies say the man was a fugitive from South Carolina who was desperate to make his escape.

Instead, he's behind bars in Coweta County this morning.

Officials say this was the first time deputies and troopers tried to pull over Brandon Chesnee after the Ford Explorer he was driving was reported stolen.

Deputies say Chesnee drove off at a high speed northbound on Interstate 85, leaving one wrecked patrol car in his wake.

A deputy attempted to perform the pit maneuver on Chesnee, but that only made his SUV spin 360 degrees and continue to go forward. A second pit maneuver had the same thing happen.

After a third pit maneuver, a state trooper was able to get Chesnee on the shoulder of the highway.

Deputies and the trooper were able to box Chesnee in and he was ordered to climb out his car window.

He's now been taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, fleeing, theft by receiving stolen property, and multiple traffic charges. He's also wanted on charges in both North and South Carolina.

The Coweta County Sheriff's say three patrol cars were damaged in the pursuit. One deputy was taken to the hospital with a broken rib.