Police: Former APS teacher, husband arrested for squatting

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A couple is accused of taking over a Clayton County house and changing the locks while the home's rightful owner was away.  

The upscale property is near Lake Spivey in Jonesboro, on Shoreline Drive.  Investigators said squatters moved in and set up a marijuana growing operation.  

Detectives identified the couple as Dexter and Jacqueline Dennis. According to police, Jacqueline is a former Atlanta Public Schools teacher.  

The homeowner returned from a trip abroad to find his keys no longer worked. When police went inside the home, they said the couple replaced the owner's stuff with their own belongings. They found pot plants, prescription pills, and guns. 

Investigators told FOX 5 news the couple used forged documents to illegally obtain the residence. Both are in jail, facing drug, burglary and forgery charges.