Police: Fleeing Suspect Strikes Officer Before High Speed Chase

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A report of a shoplifting suspect in the area of Cumberland Parkway quickly escalated to an attack on an officer along with a a high speed chase and accident involving four suspects. 

Cobb County Police said it all started just before 2:30 p.m. near the Home Depot. They were told there was a shoplifting suspect in the parking lot and when officers got there to take him into custody they say he took off running towards the Starbucks.  

Officer Alicia Chilton with the Cobb County Police Department said at that time the suspect jumped into the car of a woman who was sitting the the coffee shops drive through. She said there were two other young boys in the car as well.

Chilton said when officers tried to approach the vehicle the woman raced out of the drive through, "at a high rate of speed. As she drove away, she struck one of the officers, knocking him to the ground. She continued, hitting a civilian vehicle and then two patrol vehicles."

Investigators said the woman then careened out of the parking lot and continued on Cumberland Parkway towards Atlanta Road only to lose control of her car at Paces Walk crashing into the woods. Officers said at that point everyone ran out of the car but were quickly taken into custody, including the children.