Police: Drugs found in septic tank in Forsyth County

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Johns Creek Alpharetta Drug Task Force Detectives found several drugs in a septic tank while they were searching a home in Forsyth County. 

Crime tape still surrounds a mobile home in rural western Forsyth County on Tallant Road where the sounds of nature were interrupted by the sound of an officer pounding on the door as the Johns Creek Alpharetta Drug Task force executed a search warrant last week.

When detectives were entering the house they hear the toilet being flushed, at the bathroom door they found 38-year-old Kevin Oliver, who already had a warrant out for the sale of Methamphetamine.

“They heard the inevitable toilet bowl flush and they knew what had happened they encountered the suspect near the bathroom, saw the toilet running,” said Sheriff Freeman.

He said that’s where Banks Septic Tank Service came onto the scene. Matt Gravitt, the owner, said he didn’t hesitate to send a crew

"We just immediately got the guys out and sent them out there to dig it up and see what we could find," said Gravitt.

He said the technician who went digging for evidence in the septic tank retrieved four sealed bags of meth.

“Just popped the cap off of it and they was literally just sitting right there where it comes to what we call the baffle,” said Gravitt.

The mobile home was rented.

“Unfortunately for him he didn’t check to see if he was sewer or septic tank, maybe next time he rents a house or he stays in a house he ought to see if it’s on sewer,” said Sheriff Freeman.

Oliver faces charges of sale of meth, possession of meth, and tampering with evidence.

A woman in the mobile home was also arrested. Melissa Sizemore, 39, faces charges of possession of meth and other drug-related charges.

The sheriff said it’s unclear if more meth may have been lost.

“If he opened the bags and got it in the water when that goes into a septic tank we’re not able to recover that, it’s dissolved away and you can imagine what it’s mixed with,” said Sheriff Freeman.

The sheriff said the bust shows to what extent the task force members, which include some Forsyth County officers, will go to for the bust.

“We’ll go just about to the ends of the earth or into your septic tank to prove that you are a drug dealer,” said Sheriff Freeman.

He said the drugs seized had a value of under one thousand dollars but it’s believed sales were taking place at the location.