Police: Deadly shooting at famous restaurant started as car break-in

Atlanta detectives think a man killed in a parking lot shooting at a famous Midtown restaurant might have been part of vehicle break-in crew.

The shooting took place early in the morning on July 10 at the Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles lot. Investigators said three men appear to have been trying to bust into a white truck. The owner of the truck discovered what was happening and told his buddy, police said. That man then got a gun out of his black car, and started shooting at the would be break-in suspects as they fled in a white car.

The white car took off on Peachtree, but didn't get far. It wrecked a few blocks away at the intersection of West Peachtree and North Avenue.  Police said the car ran a red light and was hit by another vehicle. Two men in the front seat of the white car fled on foot. The man in the back died after being shot in the head.

 Inside the car police found stolen items.

Investigators have released video of the vehicles involved in the shooting. They are hoping the drivers of the truck and black car might've told someone about what happened.  

If you have any information about the case, you can call Crime Stoppers at (404) 577-TIPS.  There is a reward in connection with the case.