Police: Creeper breaks into East Point homes 5 times

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East Point Police said at least one man is responsible for a series of bizarre break-ins. Police said the burglar breaks into a home, then confronts the residents, lingers and stares.

The "creeper" has struck five times, all in the Heritage Park subdivision in the southeast corner of the city off Ben Hill Road. Investigators believe he lives close by and mostly acts alone, but surveillance images captured the image of a man police called a "lookout" in one of the cases.

Investigators said the burglaries occur late at night to the early hours of the morning, and the suspect targets residences where people are clearly home. The suspect, according to detectives, does not want to steal anything, but worry his motives could be more sinister and someone could soon be hurt.

"He's so brazen, he knows we're home... it's terrible to feel that way twice," said Tiffany Wiseman, who police said was targeted twice by the same creeper.

Her first encounter happened the night of May 12, and she said she saw a man standing near her laundry area; surveillance from a neighbor captured her scream, and investigators said the suspect's accomplice fled the scene. Wiseman said she discovered her window pried open, screen tossed and her front door's handle removed.

Then the night of the 16th, she said she heard the suspect attempting to break in again, and fired two shots; he was able to escape.

Two hours later in the early morning hours of the 17th, police said a neighbor opened his bedroom door to find a man staring; the man fled and stole cash on the way out.

Police do not have a clear description of the suspect. Investigators said his "lookout" has a tattoo seen on surveillance with the letters: "O.G."

Anyone with information is asked to contact East Point Police, or Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS to remain anonymous and receive a cash reward if there's an arrest.