Police: couple lured men to rob and kidnap them

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Police are asking victims of an accused couple to come forward, in hopes more charges will be filed against the boyfriend and girlfriend facing robbery and kidnapping charges.

Police arrested Damon Jackson, 21, and Jennifer Luna-Flores, 19, and claim the two used internet escort ads to lure men to an Oakwood area for sex, but rob them instead.

"There are more victims. We know there are other subjects who have come here, have been lured here the same way," said Investigator Todd Templeton, who promises that no victims should be afraid to come forward, and should not fear that they will be charged with a crime.

Templeton believes the couple targeted Hispanic men, hoping anyone undocumented would not report crimes to Oakwood Police.

Police said the latest victim, a man in his 20s, met Luna-Flores at the Oakwood Hills apartment complex but was then ambushed by Jackson, who forced the man at gunpoint to drive to his bank's ATM in Gainesville.

The victim happened to drive by Gainesville Police who were parked, and drove straight to them for help; Jackson was arrested at the scene, and officers tracked down Luna-Flores.

 Oakwood Police know of at least two victims so far. Anyone who believes they are a victim is asked to contact Oakwood Police Investigator Todd Templeton at 770-534-2364.