Police concerned over juvenile crimes in Atlanta

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The chief of police in Atlanta said juvenile crime is driving all crime. She said she is looking for a better answer to how young people go in and out of the juvenile system.

A recent case at the airport illustrates the chief's concerns. Two teen girls, one just 13, allegedly carjacked a female passenger in one of the parking lots. It happened a week ago Monday.

Officers said they will follow what happens with the case, expressing frustration that judges often are too lenient.

In the incident, the two girls approached the traveler pretending they needed help.

When the passenger rolled down her window, the girls began punching her in the face and pulling her hair. She was pulled out of the car and left on the pavement bloody.

Police located the 13-year-old in the car a few hours later. She will ultimately have to answer for her alleged attack, but according to a former prosecutor, the case will not be defined the same way as if she were older.

In the juvenile system, the carjacking will be called a robbery in that no deadly weapon, just the girls' hands, were allegedly used to beat the traveler.

Rank and file officers said complex differences in the way juvenile victims are prosecuted or not prosecuted leave victims with inadequate justice.

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