Police: Cocaine laced fentanyl responsible for 2 deaths

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Two people are dead after Brookhaven Police said they used cocaine laced with fentanyl.

"This is the first time we've seen cocaine laced with fentanyl," Brookhaven Police Major Linda Burke told FOX 5 Friday.

The synthetic opioid so lethal, Brookhaven Police said you can die by touching or inhaling it.

"It kills users and puts responding law enforcement officers in dangers," Major Burke said.

At the end of August, authorities found 35-year-old Ginny Brock dead in her garage.

"We found cocaine on her person," Major Burke said.

Then hours later, Brookhaven Police said they found Brock's close friend, 41-year-old Atlanta Doctor Rudy Rodon dead in his bedroom.

"The cause of death for both of these individuals was cocaine toxicity and fentanyl," Major Burke said.

Police said detectives found five bags of cocaine in Rodon's kitchen drawer.

"You can't tell fentanyl is in it," Major Burke said. "It doesn't look any different than non-laced cocaine. You do it one time and you die."