Police: child and driver steal woman's purse at gas station

Cobb County Police are searching for a young boy who snatched a woman's purse at a gas station, and the driver who sped off with the young boy at the scene of the crime.

The ordeal happened at the Costco gas station at Cumberland Mall.

"He lifted a purse from the seat... then jumped back in the Mercedes and lit out," said Juan Johnson, who said he witnessed the crime.

Johnson said he saw what he believed was a black Mercedes coupe pull up to the gas station, then a young boy get out of the car. Johnson said the boy looked ten years old, or even younger.

He said the boy opened the woman's passenger side door, and grabbed the purse; then the boy got into the Mercedes, which sped off.

"It's a horrible thing... to quite literally contribute to the delinquency of a minor," Johnson said.

Police said they had not heard of any incidents recently where a child had been used to commit a serious crime.

Police warn drivers to hide items from sight in their vehicles at a gas station, or simply lock their car doors.

Police also said they are working to review surveillance to identify the criminals.