Police: car theft suspect attempted to hide in BBQ smoker

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Tense moments shown on police bodycam as officers searched for a car theft suspect.

The incident happened Tuesday evening in southwest Atlanta.

Police say Dominic Callaway was driving the vehicle.

A patrol officer did a traffic stop and ordered Callaway to get out.

Police say he took off. A few minutes later that car wound up upside down. And Callaway had crashed into another vehicle trying to elude the authorities.

Sgt. John Chafee says there was no sign of Callaway inside the vehicle. Pursuing officers looked everywhere. One spotted an outdoor oven, a barbecue smoker. That door was propped open and Callaway was inside.

He climbed out. Before Callaway can be formally charged in a court, the suspect is being patched up at Grady Memorial Hospital for injuries he sustained in the crash.