Police: Call about school shooter a hoax

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Police in Clayton County are looking for the person who triggered fear and a massive police response to Jonesboro Middle School Friday.

The caller claimed there was an active shooter at the school. But it wasn't true.

"The call originally indicated there were some shots being fired," Clayton County Schools Police Chief Clarence Cox III said.

Police officers from several different agencies swarmed the school. And students were put on lockdown.

Word of the activity spread quickly, and frantic parents came to the scene.

"When you get a call that there's a possible shooting in your child's school, stuff just runs through your mind," Angela Williams told FOX 5. "I want to know if he's ok. I just want to see him."

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It didn't take long for police to realize the call was a hoax. No one at the school heard any gunshots or saw anything out of the ordinary.

"But we don't take any chances, especially when I got babies inside," Chief Cox said.

So officers searched the school and searched again, but never found anything.

About two hours after the prank call was made, parents and their children were reunited.

"Relief. It's like my heart went back in its place," Regina Davis said, after walking out of the school with her 8th grade son.

"It's horrible for you to call and make a prank phone call on a group of children in school, like that," Williams said. "I think that person has no heart."