Police: Boy found wandering in cold after babysitters fell asleep

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A little boy was found wandering in the cold early Tuesday morning in southwest Atlanta.

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Police said two women saw the child in the street as they turned into the Lakewood Apartment complex around 12:30 a.m. The child approached their car and told them he was cold. Police said they let him in, then called 911.

Officers spent hours canvassing the neighborhood, trying to find the boy's parents. Eventually, they determined he had been staying in a home at the corner of Amal and Gibens. His mother left him with a woman and her teenaged children. According to investigators, they all fell asleep, and that's when the boy walked out of the home. 


Police said given the freezing temperatures, they're just glad the women in the car found him when they did.

No charges were filed against the babysitters and the boy has been temporarily placed in the custody of his grandfather.