Police body cam leads to firing of DeKalb Fire Captain

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DeKalb County Fire Chief Darnell Fullum says he was stunned when he first saw the FOX 5 report on a traffic stop involving two of his employees.

Those employees complained to the Stone Mountain police department that one of their police officers used curse words during the traffic stop

The officer’s body camera showed he never cussed anyone.

“I had the same feelings and thoughts as everybody, and that was Shock and surprise,” says the chief.

Now, following an internal investigation, the DeKalb Fire Department has fired a long time Captain and given a notice of termination to another employee who resigned.

This is how it unfolded. Sergeant Steven Floyd pulled over DeKalb Fire Captain Terrell Davis for an expired tag at a local school.

Davis called his co-worker Krystal Cathcart to the scene. Both fire department employees asked the Stone Mountain Sergeant if they needed to call their boss Dr. Alexander.

Sgt. Floyd issued the ticket but had to ask Krystal Cathcart to step away from the scene, since she wasn't involved in the traffic stop.

Krystal Cathcart later filed a written complaint, which included a warning about making a false sworn statement. She claimed Sgt. Floyd created "a sense of fear" at the scene, cussed her out twice, telling her to "back the f--- up" or he will throw her in the "back of my squad car."

DeKalb Fire Captain Terrell Davis backed up her written complaint saying Sergeant Floyd was "unprofessional, belligerent and disrespectful."

After Stone Mountain played Sgt. Floyd's body camera video showing no cussing, Ms. Cathcart changed her story, writing "I recant the error of Sgt. Floyd using profanity."

Musa Ghanayem is a lawyer representing both employees.

“Both regret the statements with regard to what was maybe exaggerated,” says the attorney, “but they both felt threatened, they both felt  there was a sense of fear.”

Chief Fullum said there was an obvious issue of truthfulness and following an internal affairs investigation, the department accepted Krystal Cathcart’s resignation in lieu of termination.  And, they fired veteran Captain Terrell Davis.

Chief Fullum says he will give the results of his investigation to the DeKalb District Attorney to determine if any laws were broken.

Captain Davis’ attorney says he will appeal.