Police believe thieves are targeting Range Rovers in Buckhead

Police do not think it is just a coincidence that several Range Rover vehicles have been taken by thieves.

The latest one happened again Wednesday evening.

A robbing crew pulled up to a Buckhead restaurant. They evidently watched the movement of the valet clerk. A thief managed to pry open a secured valet box and grab sets of keys, according to an Atlanta police report.

The next step, which took only seconds, was to activate the remote and drive off in the popular SUV.

"It had been parked right up front, center," said the patron. "I did not see it when I came out to give the valet my ticket. He said, 'Got bad news for you, your car was stolen'"

Police believe Ranger Rovers are being targeted by thieves in Buckhead. (FOX 5)

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The patron said he will deal with it because, after all, no one put a gun to his head.

But in a separate incident this week, also in Buckhead, different thieves pulled a weapon and forced another motorist, Flame Finess, out of his Range Rover.

Finess was upset and said a few words, but he decided to get away from the pair.

Police later that day used a tracking device to find that Range Rover.

Authorities believe certain foreign vehicles are being stolen and sold to be shipped out of the country. And, that illegal scheme has happened before.

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