Police: Armed robbers target busy phone store

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Two armed robbery suspects were arrested after police said they held up a store in a busy shopping center in McDonough Monday morning.  Henry County police said an employee and customers were inside the store when the gunmen struck.

The AT&T store remained closed through the afternoon as police worked the crime scene, gathering evidence in Monday's armed robbery ...

The phone store is in a busy shopping center but that didn't deter the two men who, police said, made their move with several people in the store.

Henry County police said an employee and three customers were inside the store on Jonesboro Road in McDonough at around 10:40 a.m. when the robbers walked in brandishing weapons.

"They were pretty bold or desperate or experienced I don't know, but they didn't wait for the customers to leave the building," said Capt. Joey Smith, Henry County Police Department.

Capt. Smith said the robbers demanded high-end merchandise.

"Expensive cell phones, they stole several at gunpoint. They walked into the store with handguns demanded all the contents," Capt. Smith said.

The suspects then fled the store, and drove off, jumping on the interstate. That's where police spotted the suspect vehicle and gave chase.

"They were trying to get off the Interstate 75 and 138, and they were able to apprehend the suspects after a brief foot chase, but they ultimately surrendered to authorities, so we have them in custody," Smith said.

Officers apprehended both men here along Davidson Circle in the Stockbridge area with the assistance of Clayton County Police Department.

They recovered cell phones and a handgun from the suspects' vehicle.