Police are warning people to think twice before mailing a check

Most people have stacks of Christmas cards ready to send. Some may have gift cards or checks inside. Police say think twice before putting those in the mail.

Kennesaw police have received several reports of checks stolen out of the blue mailbox outside the post office.

"The most recent case involved the box being pried open. It is very brazen to do it in front of the post office," said Officer Buchanan.

Some of those checks were washed, meaning the information was erased and the check was written out to a different person for a much larger amount.

"We're trying to piece together all these cases and try to figure out what's going on. Whether it's a single person or a group, we're not sure at this point," said Officer Buchanan.

It's not just Kennesaw. There have been reports across metro Atlanta of mail stolen from the blue boxes outside post offices.

Dunwoody had dozens and dozens of cases over the past few months. So many that Sen. Raphael Warnock's office got involved, sending a letter urging the postal Inspector to investigate.

Christian Gruner says it happened to his father in Marietta last month.

"He put a check in the mailbox in front of the Marietta post office and found out later that it was pried open and someone had stolen his check," said Gruner.

Police say while your grandchildren, nieces and nephews may appreciate a check or gift card inside their holiday card, you may want to play it safe this year.

"Looks at ways you can use electronic transfers like Zell, Cash App, Venmo, if you can do it in person. That's the best option," said Officer Buchanan.

Buchanan adds for those who do have to send a check, verify the person received it. If they don't, try to cancel the check or contact the bank.