Police: 2 women dead in triple shooting in Covington

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Covington Police are trying to figure out what caused a man to open fire on his wife and step-daughter, killing them both. Police said 37-year-old Cedrick Cook also fired rounds at his stepdaughter's boyfriend, seriously wounding him.

"It was a domestic situation, an argument, that resulted in something horribly tragic," said Captain Ken Malcom, Covington Police Department.

Covington police said they are working to understand what caused cook to snap, opening fire on three people, killing two. Police said the shooting happened around 9 p.m. Wednesday in the 3100 block of Usher Street. "This is something, it is hard to understand as rational people, why someone would do something so irrational," Capt. Malcolm said.

Police said Cook retrieved a 9mm and then reached for an AR-15, spraying his house with bullets. First striking his wife, identified as Tijuana Cook and then reportedly turning next to his stepdaughter, Michelle Dickerson.

"And as she entered the residence, she was also shot, both Mrs. Dickerson and Ms. Cook were dead on the scene when we arrived," said Malcolm.

Investigators found a third person, Dickerson’s boyfriend, was wounded, shot outside, laying on the ground when they arrived. He's said to be in serious condition at Grady Memorial Hospital as of Thursday afternoon.

Officers said moments after arriving on the scene their suspect gave himself up.

"The offender in this situation, Cedrick Cook was found, coming out of a wooded area near the residence, he approached the officers there on the scene, admitted to being involved in the shooting, and gave himself up without incident," police said.

But the question as to why all this happened still remains. Authorities do not believe drugs played a role at this time. All they can conclude is some sort of family argument.

"To see two deceased people and another one fighting for his life, we see something we don't normally deal with," said Capt. Malcolm.

Cook faces charges for felony murder.