Police: 2 dead after shooting at Atlanta recording studio

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Police in Atlanta said a heated argument instigated a shootout at a recording studio located on Metropolitan Parkway. 

It happened last night in a large complex where more than 100 shops are located. Two young people left dead. One has been identified as Nathan Hannon, 27, a resident of Lithonia.

But there is more to it, according to investigators, who believe they have shell casings from a gun that did not belong to either of the deceased. 

The gunplay happened at the business called Headquarters. It all started around 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

It produced an unusual crime scene in one respect. There was a flood in the building due to bullets striking the plumbing. Physical evidence is almost always a part of a murder investigation, and some of that was washed away.


Several people at the scene were detained for questioning, but police have not officially arrested anyone.