Pit bull found with chemical burns, scars

The wounds on her back and thigh are difficult to look at but they pale in comparison to these images taken Sunday.

"Chemical burns all over her back, down one of her legs, old scarring," said Amy Garmon, animal rescue volunteer.

Garmon rescued Patience the pit bull in Pike County.

"She was just oozing infection out of the wounds on her back. The smell was horrendous. It was pitiful," said Garmon.

Garmon said the person who gave her the dog blamed a previous owner for the severe chemical burns, claiming that individual tried to train Patience for dog fighting.

"Common thing that is done in dog fighting is, when a dog will not be aggressive, they use chemicals to burn them to make them hurt, to make them more aggressive, to make them fight," Garmon said.

Despite all she's endured, animal rescue volunteer Kerri Gebler said Patience has a sweet demeanor and appears domesticated.

Kerri Gebler, animal rescue volunteer said, "I have a hard time thinking that she was anything other than somebody's pet that was taken out of somebody's backyard or shut up as a stray. It's really hard to say. Unfortunately she can't tell us what happened."

The staff at McDonough Animal Hospital is looking after Patience as Garmon works to find her a loving home.

"It's going to be very hard for me to let her go," said Garmon.

Animal rescue worker Amy Garmon is taking inquiries regarding adoption and monetary donations for medical care via email at helpforpatience@yahoo.com

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