Pig found behind Georgia store gets new home

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A pig found behind a furniture store in Morrow, Georgia, has a new home thanks to police officers.

Monday night, the Morrow Police Department shared a photo of the pig, which they said was found behind Unclaimed Freight off Mt. Zion Road.

The unnamed oinker, who police say is the size of a medium-sized dog, was put in a cage while officers searched for a good home with a lot of stinky mud for him.

According to county regulations, pigs like this one have to be penned 60 feet away from the property line, but with the help of an officer and a "citizen with a good heart," the four-legged friend will have a new spot to call home.

The officer who helped with the pig, Officer Young, also may be getting a new position to help with animals like this little piggie in the future!